This section explain questions you may ask about minime4u.com and how it works.

1 . Do I have to be the member of Paypal for purchasing?

No, you can complete the payment without having an account with paypal, paypal allows you to complete the payment as long as you have a valid bank card.

2 . What payment method can I use?

We only support paypal as yet. However, we do support western union and direct bank transfer (To U.K Bank Account). If you cannot complete the payment using paypal, please emails us if you prefer to pay via Western Union or Direct Bank Transfer.

3 . Can I pay with my credit card if I don't have a paypal account?

You can still complete the payment with paypal if you don't have a paypal account. 

Paypal allows you to make a payment with your credit card without having a paypal account, for detailed instructions, please click here for more details.