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Wedding cakes are surely one of the biggest attractions at weddings, your wedding cake plays a key part in your overall wedding day. With the ceremonial cutting of the cake you will have made sure that you have selected the perfect wedding cake to suit your wedding style and theme. Pair your beautiful wedding cake with a cake topper that truly reflects the both of you. A personalized figures will make your wedding cake stand out and eyes catching, Make this picture perfect moment a show stopper with one of our fantastic wedding cake toppers in our wedding cake topper templates.

The wedding cake toppers available today serve a dual purpose. Not only do they add a touch of glamour and class to the wedding cakes, but they also form the focal point for the theme adopted and wedding favors. The unique wedding cakes differ in tiers and size and the unique wedding cake toppers add to the magic. Today, there are a number of couples and wedding planners who choose the cake toppers first, and then down to even the pattern of the gown and the theme accordingly. The unique wedding cakes are usually multi layered marzipan, decorated elaborately with icing. The cake topper is the decorative addition on the top. Previously, the only functionality of the cake toppers was to enhance the appearance of the cake and to add quality to the photographs of the wedding cake. 
personalized wedding cake toppers
There are few funny wedding cake topper ideas which you can think about before making yours:
1. On your wedding cake, you can keep a small male figurine that is standing shell shocked next to a board that says 'Still shopping'.
2. One of the funny cake toppers for wedding cakes is if you know that the groom is a huge couch potato. Then, you can have a frustrated bride topper standing with a wedding bouquet, next to a sign that says 'Football match on. Be back in an hour'. Or you can even have a bride standing while the groom is sitting on a sofa in a blazer and shorts with chips and beer, in front of a television set.
3. If you know that the couple are real sport enthusiasts or had met for the first time at a baseball match, then you can have a wedding cake topper showing the bride holding a baseball bat and the groom all set to pitch the ball.
4. If you know that your pals are the type that take the phrase 'living on the edge' to a whole new level, then you can have a hippie or a biker couple wedding cake topper. This is sure to evoke peels of laughter.
5. If you want a slightly bold wedding cake topper theme, then you can show the bride groping the groom. This may leave the elders appalled but is sure to crack up the younger generation!
6. One of the most popular and cheap funny wedding cake toppers consists of a bride standing over the groom, dangling a key in her hand, while the groom is sitting with a gloomy expression on his face with a huge iron ball chained to his leg.
7. If you know that the couple that are getting married are very competitive and work at the same office, then a unique funny wedding cake topper would be to show a victorious bride on top of the cake, (with her fingers showing the victory sign) while the groom is huffing at the second tier of the cake.
8. If you know that the couple have had a long distance relationship for a very long period of time, so much so that you only ever remember them talking on the phone to each other then there is the perfect wedding cake topper idea for you! You can show a bride and groom topper standing right next to each other but talking to each other on the phone! 
Personalized wedding cake toppers
The unique wedding cake is also no more the same today. The traditional rich rum-and-plum cake is replaced by the ice-cream and cake combination and fresh fruit cake varieties. The unique wedding cake toppers are also replicated as wedding favors, center pieces, threshold designs and car decorations. The wedding toppers can be bought and customized further and in a way, the exercise enables the bride and groom and family members to enjoy some quality time together, in the attempt. The miniature models that rest atop the wedding cakes are no more formal. They are extensions of the couple and their lifestyle. The unique wedding cake toppers are usually stored till the arrival of the first born, along with a piece of the topmost tier. 

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