This section explain questions you may ask about minime4u.com and how it works.

1 . Can I change outfit of the doll?

Yes. We offer fully customized mini me figurines, if there is no template fit your thoughts, we can fully customize it from head to toe, you will need to refer to our bespoke section at link below:
http://www.minime4u.com/shop/category/define-your-own or contact us for the best suggestions.

2 . If the doll is damaged while receiving it, what can I do?

It rarely happens that although we pack the doll very well and use the safest delivery - DHL. However if you receive it with damage condition, please take 2~3 pictures and email us within 3 hours from you receive it. We will evaluate the condition of damage to compensate your lost.

3 . How do I send photos?

After you placed the order, you need to email us your photos to photo@minime4u.com. If the photo is not clear , we will come back to you ask for more pictures.

4 . Can I review the doll before you delivery it?

Of course you can. You will be involved in the entire making process, when we complete each part of the figurine, we will send the digital photos to let you view it first, and then we will make changes based on your comments until you are happy with it. Then we will move to the next stage and repeat at the end of each stage and delivery to your address.

Please note that once each part is confirmed, we will no longer make changes due to it is finalised, if you want us to make changes to the finalised part, we will charge fees for the rework.

5 . What is the mini me doll made of?

It's made of high quality clay and resin. And the size of the doll is about 15cm - 17cm in height and 5cm - 10cm in width depend on the figurine template you choose.

6 . How similar is the mini me figurine compare with my photo?

According to the character of making materials, mini me doll is different compare with waxwork, it tends to be in cute, cartoon style. You can view our gallery section to get an idea.

7 . What is the size of the doll?

The width of mini me figurine is between 5cm and 10cm, and the height of minime is between 15cm and 20cm, it is really depend on the template you choose, for example. the doll in standing position will be higher than the figurine in sitting position.

8 . What are the types of mini me dolls available?

There are Male,Female,Couple,Santa & Snowman,Musical,Celebrity and Family live dolls! Check out more on our Order Now page.

9 . Do you offer refund if I don't like it when I received it??

Because of the fact that all of Minime4u.com products are personalized and made to custom specifications, we cannot resell them to anyone else. So all sales and orders are FINAL, no refunds, no cancellations, no returns or no exchanges will be made for any reason.

10 . What if my order is arrived and damaged?

The damage might be caused during transportation. Please open the package in front of the postman and if it is damaged, refuse to accept the parcel and take pictures and report to us, for minor damages, it can be fixed into position in minutes using a small amount of superglue in the correct areas. If the damage is more serious and will leave a mark when glue back, please send us pictures where we can see the damage clearly, send it back to us for a replacement, due to our company's policy, we only offer free replacement if you send it back to us. If the item is seriously damaged and cannot be fixed with superglue, you don't need to send it back to us and we will send a replacement to you. 

We takes great care of your mini me dolls and it will reaches you in perfect condition by using established postage and packaging methods.