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It has been a while since we update our last blog, the team has been very busy as always and we find blog may not be the best way to keep our customers with latest update since social nertwork has taken over the way it used to work.

We have been working on some excitig stuff recently and we will introduce Fridge Manget Figure very soon, it is a figure that has a magnet in it ( within the figure, not visible ) so it can be placed on the fridge. below is the sample we just did, it looks really amazing. fridge magnet

Filed under: Latest News

Mini me happy new year

Happy new year everyone, sorry for this lately post, we were too busy to look after this blog during xmas time, and we had a fantastic sales during xmas, thanks for all you people's support!!

In the new year, we have many plans to boost our sales and we aim to be the top producer in this business. So if you guys have any suggestion, no matter what you want to say, even say hello to us, please let us know, and we will give discount code out as a thanks , and yes, you may have noticed that we have not update our tweets for discount code for ages, sorry about that, we will updates coupon code more often this year.

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